Believing Women

Believing Women for a Culture of Peace provides a social space for women of diverse faiths and cultures to create positive relationships and to develop a collective presence and voice in the wider community

Believing Women members and friend, Harmony Day
Believing Women members and friends, Harmony Day 2009

Believing Women’s activities reflect the diverse interests of our members. These include:

  • information and discussion sessions focusing on a particular faith or spiritual tradition
  • dialogue sessions on themes or topics of interest across faiths and spiritual traditions
  • an annual retreat to provide the opportunity for in-depth sharing and relationship building
  • workshops to address the challenges of conflict resolution and peace-building
  • celebrations to mark key annual commemorations of particular faith communities
  • interfaith activities related to public events and commemorations such as International Women’s Day and Harmony Day
  • informal social gatherings, including hospitality to a wider circle of women
  • participating in the events of other groups with whom we share a common interest
  • collaborating with such groups to organise joint activities

We welcome new members and anyone interested in receiving information about our activities.