Believing Women

Believing Women for a Culture of Peace provides a social space for women of diverse faiths and cultures to create positive relationships and to develop a collective presence and voice in the wider community

Believing Women members and friend, Harmony Day
Believing Women members and friends, Harmony Day 2009

Believing Women’s activities reflect the diverse interests of our members. These include:

  • information and discussion sessions focusing on a particular faith or spiritual tradition
  • dialogue sessions on themes or topics of interest across faiths and spiritual traditions
  • an annual retreat to provide the opportunity for in-depth sharing and relationship building
  • workshops to address the challenges of conflict resolution and peace-building
  • celebrations to mark key annual commemorations of particular faith communities
  • interfaith activities related to public events and commemorations such as International Women’s Day and Harmony Day
  • informal social gatherings, including hospitality to a wider circle of women
  • participating in the events of other groups with whom we share a common interest
  • collaborating with such groups to organise joint activities

We welcome new members and anyone interested in receiving information about our activities.


Believing Women retreat
Believing Women members at a retreat


Believing Women for a Culture of Peace originated in Brisbane in the latter part of 2003.  A handful of women began meeting and decided to develop a vision for bringing together women in the greater Brisbane area interested in building understanding and relationships across faiths and cultures.

The membership grew initially by word of mouth and chance encounters, and all new members contributed to shaping what eventually emerged as the group’s vision, goals and scope of activities.  It draws predominantly on the resources within the membership, rather than relying on outside ‘experts’.  This has had a significant impact on the quality and depth of relationships that have developed among the members.


Living in a world where people of diverse faiths and cultural backgrounds mingle together as never before, believing women find themselves called to

  • cultivate deep mutual respect, understanding and appreciation across faiths and cultures
  • develop relationships based on what we have in common, and celebrate the bonding power of religious faith and Indigenous spiritualities
  • fashion the diversity of our spiritual and cultural resources into a power for the good of society as a whole
  • counteract the potential of religious and cultural differences for divisiveness and conflict, and contribute to a lasting culture of peace.

Believing Women for a Culture of Peace aims to

  • promote respectful relationships and mutual support among women of different faiths and spiritual paths
  • develop the capacity of members to engage confidently in sharing their faith and spirituality with others and in interfaith dialogue
  • provide opportunities for personal spiritual development and growth in intercultural awareness
  • serve as a resource for other community groups and organisations seeking the contribution of women from diverse faith and spiritual traditions
  • build partnerships with other local organisations or projects committed to addressing prejudice and intolerance and promoting peace
  • network with other local, national and international women’s interfaith and peace initiatives.
Living in harmony sculpture
Participants in the Asia-Pacific Interfaith Symposium: Women, Faith and a Culture of Peace (2008) gather around the ‘Living in Harmony Sculpture Project’


We welcome women of all faiths and spiritual paths. Members pay an annual fee according to ability. Believing Women also has a large group of informal contacts. Most activities are open to all of members and contacts, and some are open to a wider circle of friends and families of members.

If you are interested in becoming a member or being added to our information list, please contact us.